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We care for works of art across heritage, cultures, generations, and geographies

Welcome to Felini Art Conservation

At Felini Art Conservation we are committed to the preservation, restoration and longevity of the art entrusted to us. For more than 30 years we have dedicated our skills and passion to providing museum quality art conservation and restoration services. Following the guidelines and Code of Ethics established by the American Institute for Conservation (AIC).

We invite you to explore traditional craftsmanship blended with modern technologies and techniques, as we revive and preserve the essence of every art piece right here in Columbia, SC.

A little about Veronica B. Davis, the heart of Felini Art Conservation.

With her extensive background in art conservation, along with a high regard and respect for every piece that comes under her care, Veronica with her dedicated team, brings a high level of professionalism to contribute to the preservation of our cultural heritage for generations to come.

What We Do

Painting Conservation and Restoration

felini art conservators and restorationfelini art conservators paiting restoration

Felini specializes in painting conservation and restoration treatments addressing a broad spectrum of eras, materials, and techniques. From the works of the Old Masters to Contemporary artists, in canvas, wooden panels, metal, among others, with various mediums and techniques such as tempera, oil and acrylic.

Sculpture and Decorative Objects Conservation and Restoration

Our expertise extends to the conservation and restoration of sculptures and decorative objects. We provide comprehensive services including structural treatment, damage repair, cleaning, in various materials like stone, plaster, wood, ceramic and others.

Frame Conservation and Restoration

Period frames are artistic pieces themselves.  At Felini Art Conservators, we understand their unique significance. Our services include structural stabilization, surface cleaning, replacement of missing ornamentation, and gold leaf application to replace missing fragments. We also apply protective layers to ensure these frames continue to enhance the beauty of the artworks they enclose.


Ginny Newell
Ginny NewellChief Conservator
ReNewell, Inc.
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I am delighted to wholeheartedly endorse Veronica Davis as a superb art conservator. Having had the privilege of working closely with Veronica for a substantial period, I can attest to her unwavering commitment, expertise, and passion for preserving and restoring art.

Veronica’s extensive national and international experience is evident in her meticulous approach to conservation. She consistently delivers museum-quality results in painting, frame, and object conservation, demonstrating a keen understanding of the intricacies of her craft.

Her knowledge, skills and attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to any conservation endeavor. Her launching of Felini Art Conservators, LLC will be a true resource to the community and collectors dedicated to preserving our aesthetic heritage.
Amparo Escolano
Amparo EscolanoChief Conservator
South Florida Art Conservation, LLC.
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When you step into Felini Art Conservators studio, you instantly recognize the mark of true expertise. With a fully equipped studio and a skilled professional, your artwork is in the hands of one of the best in the field. I highly recommend Veronica Davis for art conservation services. Her meticulous attention to detail, extensive knowledge, and dedication to preserving cultural heritage makes her an invaluable choice. Her passion for the trade is evident in the outstanding results she consistently achieves. Entrusting your artwork to Veronica ensures it will receive the care and expertise it deserves.
George Schwartz
George Schwartz Chief Conservator
ConservArt, Inc.
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I am delighted to provide a heartfelt endorsement for Veronica, who has been an invaluable member of our studio for nearly two decades as a paintings conservator. Throughout her tenure, Veronica consistently showcased exceptional hand skills and a profound knowledge of her craft. Her dedication to her work was truly commendable, and she approached each conservation project with a meticulous and thoughtful mindset.

Veronica's reliability and diligence have been unwavering, earning her my complete confidence and trust over the years. Her passion for preserving and restoring artworks has not only contributed significantly to the success of our studio but has also left a lasting impact on the quality of our conservation efforts.

As Veronica embarks on this new and exciting phase of her career, I wholeheartedly endorse her capabilities and believe that her wealth of experience uniquely positions her for success in her own studio. I am confident that she will continue to excel and make meaningful contributions to the field of paintings conservation. Wishing Veronica all the best in her new endeavor she truly deserves every success that comes her way.

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